Island Time Wellness Love Oracle Card Deck

Island Time Wellness Love Oracle Card Deck


54 Island Time Wellness Love Oracle Card Deck.

These cards talk about real-world heart issues like fear of intimacy in relationships.

Highly Intuitive Cards these oracle cards come with keywords to make interpretation fun and simple. Great for clarification when using Tarot.

Very on point and clear 

Functional Design: Unlike other love cards that come with interpretation booklets, these cards come with meanings ready to read at the back of each card.

No more breaking the flow of a good reading!

Portable and Lightweight; 

Ideal for travel and impromptu on-the-go readings for friends and family.

Size: about 10*7.5*2.5cm/3.94*2.95*0.98in
Language: English
Instruction: PDF instruction


****The instruction manual is a PDF file. Please scan the QR code on the box with your mobile phone. The instruction book can be read and downloaded online***


***Please allow 20-30 days for delivery of this item***