Manara Tarot Deck

Manara Tarot Deck


LO SCARABEO Manara Tarot Card Deck The acknowledged master of erotic drawing, Manara transports us into a dreamlike yet carnal dimension that sings praise to life itself. In the reconstruction of dreams, stories, desires, nightmares and daily life events,

Manara takes us into his well-known sensual universe, above all through his homage to the female body, symbol of the universe. The cards also contain planetary and zodiac symbols as well as those of the four elements, useful for discovering astrological answers.


size 12.7 x 2.8 x 7.2 cm Handbag size


****The instruction manual is a PDF file. Please scan the QR code on the box with your mobile phone. The instruction book can be read and downloaded online***


***Please allow 20-30 days for delivery of this item***