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Nu Goddess Luxury Soya Candles

Nu Goddess Luxury Soya Candles

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Nu Goddess Candle
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The NU Goddess Luxury Candles.

Handmade with pure soya wax and Love

Use with your intent to create a mood for Chakra work and other magical work. Can be used alongside your mediation and spiritual practices.

Infused with essential oils

For the necessary self care rituals and great as gifts.

Candle Glass can be cleaned easily in liquid soap and reused as a tealight holder. Candle comes complete with decorated gift box.

Burn time 3 days or approx 60 hours
Safe for vegans and vegetarians


Subscribe to the Nu Goddess Monthly Candle Subcription and save 15%!!


You will be sent a Luxury Candle in the scent and colour of that month and season, every month.


For those necessary self care rituals and great as gifts.

If you have a birthday or an event coming up, you can gift your candle to a Sister, Mother, or someone special, personalised with their name.

If you want it personalised, leave name of the person you want to gift or occasion at the checkout.

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