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Pomba Gira Rose Crystal Waistbead

Pomba Gira Rose Crystal Waistbead


The Goddess Pomba Gira, Goddess of Sex, Seduction, Death and the Crossroads.
AKA Maria Padilha, AKA Maria of the 7 Crossroads, AKA The Gypsy she can be found hanging out in bars, Burlesque and stripclubs.
but shes so much more, she is the shadow side of the Divine Feminine.

She is the consort of Eshu/ Papa Legba
Her energy can be called upon for Tantric practices.


Stones used are Ruby, Red Coral and Black Agate 

  • Refunds and Exchanges

    Waistbeads are customised and very personal to your requirements and needs, therefore we do not accept refunds and exchanges.

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