Tarot Card Amulet Pendant Chain

Tarot Card Amulet Pendant Chain


Major Arcana Rider-Waite Tarot Amulets


Like the deck, these amulets are the "Fool Journey" Depicted by standard Rider-Waite.


Tarot Cards and a short meaning of each card


The Fool ~ New Path, Freedom, Carefree, Adventure

The Magician ~ Manifestor, Application of power, Great ability 

The High Priestess ~ Keeper of Secret knowledge, Intuition, observation

The Empress ~ Fertility, Abundance, New Beginnings, Mother Earth

The Empreror ~ Seat of Power,  Dominion, Ruler, Stable Foundations

The Heirophant ~ Traditions, Faith in a Higher Power,  Society and Establishments.

The Lovers ~ Divine Lovers, Sex, Choices in Love, Blessed Union, Soulmate

The Chariot ~ Success, Movements, Transport, Victory

Justice ~ Balance, Fairness, Harmonious dealings, Contracts, Universal Justice 

The Hermit ~ Solitude, Soul Searching, Investigator, Teacher

The Wheel Of Fortune ~ Big Happy Changes, Karma and Dharma, New Cycle

Strength ~ Courage, Great inner Strength, overcomering the shadow

The Hanged Man ~ Enlightenment, Limbo, Divine Help, Pause

Death ~ Endings, Transformation, Finality, Transitions

Temperance ~ Divine timing, Harmony, Angelic Help, Mutual understandings

The Devil ~ Lust, Control, Obsession, Carnal and Earthly dealings, Dark Power, Karmic Relationship

The Tower ~ Divine Intervention, The Unexpected, Revelation, Time to rebuild

The Star ~ Hope, Wishes Fullfilled, Divine Healing, Manifestion, Fame

The Moon ~ Hidden Path or motives, Mother, Dreams, Intuitive messages, Moon cycles

The Sun ~ Joy, Happiness, Father, Good Health, Expansion, Children

Judgement ~ Rebirth, Renewal, Wake up call, Past returning, Second Chances

The World ~ Universal Lessons Learned, End of a old cycle, Successful completion, Travel


Each Card is said to represents a Zodiac sign, although it varies depending on who you ask,

so use your own intution when selecting, or why not pull a card on it!


The Fool ~ Aries and Aquarius

The Magician ~ Virgo and Gemini

The High Priestess ~ Pisces

The Empress ~ Taurus and Libra

The Emperor ~ Aries, Taurus, Capricorn

The Hierophant ~ Taurus

The Lovers ~ Gemini

The Chariot ~ Cancer and Sagittarius

Justice ~ Libra

The Hermit ~ Virgo

The Wheel Of Fortune ~ Represents the Zodiac Wheel, so all signs

Strength ~ Leo and Virgo

The Hanged Man ~ Some say Pisces

Death ~ Scorpio

Temperance ~ Sagittarius

The Devil ~Capricorn

The Tower ~ Scorpio and  Mars ruled Aries, Uranus ruled Aquarius

The Star ~ Aquarius

The Moon ~ Cancer and Pisces

The Sun ~ Leo

Judgement ~ Pluto Ruled Scorpio

The World ~ Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio



Available in Stainless Steel Gold and Silver tone

With 18in Box Chain.