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The Oracle of Flowers Noir Edition Card Deck

The Oracle of Flowers Noir Edition Card Deck

The Oracle of Flowers Card Deck


This 83 card Oracle deck is based on ancient and modern flower folklore and meanings.
Flowers have been used by humanity in many different cultures as decoration, offerings on altars for rituals, ceremony and healing for thousands of years. They hold their own esoteric knowledge, spiritual meaning and wisdom.
Flowers are mostly used to remind us of the beautiful things in life. We use flowers to express love, friendship, admiration, regrets and many other feelings and emotions.
But mostly we love flowers because they brighten our mood and beautify our homes and spaces. Flowers have had a long history of use in ancient and modern times, they are given in offerings, used in incense, perfumes, cosmetics, spells and even as oracles.
Many writings and poetry throughout history use flowers as a means to describe the beauty in all for all.
Card deck is standard tarot card size
Deck comes in a scented emerald green velvet tassel drawstring pouch
PDF Guidebook is available to download when you buy the deck.
Matching Tarot cloth available on request.

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